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Chok Monkkon Paris answers your questions

Can I eat or drink before a Thai massage session?

Hydration is very important before the massage to promote the elimination of toxins that are released back into the body during the session. Drinking water or herbal tea can be a good way to hydrate. We must avoid tea, coffee or alcohol, which are more stimulants.

For whom is Traditional Thai massage recommended?

The traditional Thai massage is especially suitable for people who are tense or suffering from stress.

It is also ideal for sportsmen as for city dwellers who often sit, at the office or on public transport.

This massage can also be suitable for elderly people wishing to regain flexibility !

In what outfit is the traditional Thai massage and Reflexology taking place?

It is practical dressed in a traditional Thai outfit very light and comfortable, a large shirt and cotton pants provided by our institute.

What outfit is the Thai oil massage in?

It takes place in disposable underwear provided by our institute.

What are the contraindications to Thai massage?

Traditional Thai massage is contraindicated in case of:

Of open wounds,
From a recent surgery,
Of cancer,
If you are pregnant
Heart or coronary disease,
Of a spinal condition,
Of osteoporosis,
Of high blood pressure,
Of deep vein thrombosis,
Of neurological disorders,
Of burns,
Bleeding disorders or thrombocytopenia.

Pregnant women and children have specific needs, the Chok Monkkon Paris Institute in the 9th district has developed specially dedicated Thai massage packages.

The prior advice of a doctor is always advised and is especially important if people suffer from severe medical problems or are taking prescribed medications.

Can I listen to music during the massage?

We offer a collection of very varied Zen and relaxing music. Let yourself be surprised by these pure and calming sounds.

Can I come with my own massage oil?

Our herbal massage oil contains almond, walnut and bancoulier (kukui) oil.

It contains no mineral oil, no parabens, no alcohol with drying effect, no preservatives or essential oil.

For this, we do not accept other massage oils for the comfort of our practitioners ( allergies…).

Do you offer the Thai massage as a duo?

Yes, all our services are possible as a duo.

I’m late, what’s going on?

A delay of 5 minutes is tolerated, beyond 10 minutes of delay, the time of your massage will be shortened.

I can’t come to my appointment, what’s going on?

You can cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. For any last minute cancellations, please contact us by email: contact@chokmonkkon.com

Do you make massage gifts and/or subscriptions?

We offer two types of gift vouchers: for a value or a benefit.

We offer three types of subscriptions: discovery, serenity and premium. For more information: https://www.chokmonkkon.com/en/massages-thai-paris-abonnement.