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Thai massage in Paris

HAPPY THAI special offer : Starting at 59 euros!

Happy Thai special offer from €59 !  Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.(excluding public holidays, cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer or with well-being cheque payments).


Take advantage of this special offer from €59 so that you can enjoy a relaxing break on your own or with your partner.
This Happy Thai special offer is valid for all massages in this category.

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Thai Massage in Paris

Traditional Thai Massage

Practiced for over 2500 years in Thailand, the age-old and traditional Thai massage alternates deep pressure with the palms on large areas of the body to relax and invigorate each of your muscles as much as possible.

The traditional Thai massage is particularly invigorating and it revitalises the entire body by restoring the balance of energy.

It helps to harmonise the energy systems required for the organs to function properly, as well as for nervous and emotional relaxation.

Massaged from head to toe wearing cotton pyjamas, the traditional Thai massage involves applying pressure using the palms of the hands and the thumbs, along with stretching in order to relax each of your muscle.

Thai Masage in Paris

The Thai massage with natural oils

The Thai massage with natural oils combines gentle movements, deep pressure and light tapping to release the flow of energy.

The Thai massage with natural oils, while gentler and more relaxing, is still deep. The benefits of this massage offer complete peace of mind, which is ideal given that many people are searching for the Zen mindset.

The masseuse uses gentle movements and deep pressure with natural oils all over the body to relax your most tense muscles and stimulate your body's energy flow, enabling you to relax and enjoy.

For the Thai massages with oils, our Chok Monkkon Paris Institute 75009 uses plant-based natural oils which enrich and moisturise the skin. They consist of almond, walnut and candlenut (kukui) oil and do not contain mineral oil, parabens, drying alcohol or preservatives.

Thai Massage in Paris

Thai Massage with Hot Natural Oils

This thai massage with hot natural oils is a full-body massage and consists of gentle movements and deep pressure, with light tapping and friction on the most tense muscles.


It is still, however, very relaxing. Thanks to muscular kneading using the palms, the massage with hot natural oils relaxes the muscles, releases all tension and rebalances energy flow.


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Thai Massage in Paris

Thai Massage with Candle & Hot Natural Oils

The candle is lit before the treatment begins. It turns into warm oil and is 100% natural, offering an all-encompassing massage.


It also hydrates and nourishes the skin. In addition to the subtle and light fragrance, it releases stress and tension.

The thai massage with candle and hot natural oils provides intense and deep relaxation. It is perfect for getting rid of tension, nourishing your skin and restoring its elasticity.


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Thai Massage in Paris

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology has been practised for over 3000 years. The technique involves massaging the feet as well as the calves and legs using a wooden massage stick and oils designed for relaxation.


The principle of foot reflexology is about working on reflex zones on the feet which are linked to different parts of the body. It's soothing, it improves blood and lymphatic circulation and it eliminates toxins by stimulating all the organs in the body.

Cranial reflexology is performed around the head. Thanks to gentle and firm pressure using fingers, facial reflexology will work on many nerve endings located around the head where there is a lot of tension. It helps to soothe aches and discomfort, such as migraines or stress, and also to alleviate your overactive mind. It is incredibly relaxing.


Thai Massage for Pregnant Women

This relaxing thai massage caters to the specific needs of pregnant women by providing greater comfort for your body and relieving the pain and tension caused by pregnancy. 


The prenatal massage also improves blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxes muscles and increases joint flexibility.


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Thai Massage for Children (from 5 years old)

Children are receptive to massages at an early age.


This massage in particular channels the child's stress and restores optimal energy flow. It also improves their sleep and eases certain pains.


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Introductory Thai Massage

If you want to try out a Thai massage but you don't have a lot of time, the Chok Monkkon Paris Institute offers a 30-minute introductory massage so that you can get to know our institute and all of our treatments.

The massage is on your back and neck, and you can choose the technique (traditional Thai massage or Thai massage with oils).


This massage helps to relieve tension and, most importantly, gives your back, which is often under great strain, a break.


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